Trend OfficeScan migration to Apex One

Trend OfficeScan migration to Apex One

Please click on the link regarding important information that we received from Trend Micro about OfficeScan XG SP1.

**Newest information -

 There are 2 options to move your Windows and Mac endpoints from OfficeScan to Apex One.

 1. As a unit admin you can move your endpoint manually. Here is what in involved. 

  • Unit admins will need to uninstall the agent. For your Windows endpoints this can be done by using the CUT Tool that is provided to units in our share. Here is the file path \\\ufem\Client\Trend\CUT and if you are removing an agent from a Mac endpoint there is a Mac uninstall package.
  • Once the OfficeScan XG agent is uninstalled unit admins can now install the Apex One agent. You can do this manually or create a package in SCCM and push it  out to your endpoints. For our UF campus endpoints here is the file path for these agents \\\ufem\Client\Trend\Campus , for our UF Health endpoints here is the file for these agents \\\ufem\Client\Trend\HSC

 2. The UFEM team can migrate your current OfficeScan XG agents over to Apex One. 

  • What’s involved – You'll need to let us know that you would like us to move your agents to Apex One. We asked that you please create a Cherwell ticket to begin the process.  
  • Depending on how many endpoints that are currently using the OfficeScan XG agent will determine how long the migration process will take. Once we start the process and the agents begin to move to Apex One those endpoints will get a pop up stating that they will need to be restarted. 
  • There is one item to note. If any of your OfficeScan XG agents appear offline we will not be able to move them. If any agents appear to be offline at the time, we can send you a screenshot or a list of which ones are offline. It will be up to you to decide if you are going to have that endpoint come back online and we can continue to move it or you can manually move that endpoint to Apex One.

3. The last item to note is that once your endpoints have been migrated over to Apex One the unit admin will need to gain access to Apex Central. Apex Central is the new Control manager. Your policies that you created in Control Manager cannot be migrated to Apex Central. The unit admin will need to create a new policy inside Apex Central.