There are two councils that are directly connected to the CIO:

  • The President’s Cabinet assists the President and CIO in decision making regarding major IT initiatives and investments
  • The IT Policy Council, through its subcommittees, makes recommendations to the CIO. The CIO decides whether to implement, reject, or return the recommendations for further consideration; or involve the IT Cabinet

Direct Reports

Reporting to the Vice President and CIO are eight units:

  • Academic Technology
  • Applications, Development, and Integrations
  • Business Center
  • Customer Experience and Resource Planning
  • Data Platform and Analytics
  • Information Security Office
  • Infrastructure and Communications Technology
  • Research Computing

Dual Reports

There are two units within the university’s dual reporting structure:

  • UF Health IT

These units provide customized services to large segments of the university. The senior vice presidents fund these units, establish their priorities, and supervise their directors for unit IT work. The directors’ dual-report to the CIO for IT policy, compliance, and university IT program development.