IT Service Management @ UF

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a process-based practice intended to align the delivery of information technology (IT) services with the needs of the University, emphasizing benefits to customers. ITSM provides a structure for putting people, processes, and technology together to work proficiently, offer superior services and deliver outstanding customer service. The following principles are strategic in nature and govern the entire ITSM Program to provide consistency across all in-scope UFIT processes and teams. For service management to be effective and efficient, it needs to work as a system.
The ITIL Service Value System (SVS)


The entire UFIT organization functions as a single, seamless organization with common objectives and standard practices for delivering services and creating value with all stakeholders.


All UFIT staff adheres to the ITSM process policies, standards, and procedures.



The UFIT organization leverages a common toolset to automate and enable ITSM processes for efficiency and consistency.


Tickets Resolved

Percent of tickets resolved in less than 30 days in 2021 by UFIT Support Teams (152,611)


CSAT Rating

2021 Overall CSAT Rating for all UFIT Support Teams (Scale 1-5)


Support Team Success Rate

UFIT Support Teams Success Rate - Successfully Implemented over 1600 Change Requests in 20