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Kudos to UFIT

“My dissertation project explores legislative behavior in Uganda and Kenya, and is based on approximately 4,000 individual documents. I needed assistance cleaning up the transcripts to match the software requirements and reached out to UFIT for help. Alex Moskalenko was able to quickly develop a script to contend with the document cleaning. Thanks to him, something that would have taken months to do manually was completed in just a few hours.”

Amanda Edgell
PhD Candidate
Department of Political Science

"I went into approve time yesterday, and struggled at first to find the Payable Time page because of losing my favorites. Then I remembered UFIT created a Legacy Favorites page. I was able to find it quickly.  My old favorites were all right there and they were even clickable! I was able to quickly go to each page and save them as new favorites. I just wanted to say thanks for all of the behinds-the-scenes work you do for myUFL.” 

Scott Blades 
Assistant Director
UF Training & Organizational Development

“We in the PPD controls shop really appreciate the work and dedication of your staff. They do whatever it takes to solve any issue in our controls network. They take the time to listen to the issue and then find a way to solve the problem. Please relay our thanks to your network folks.” 

Harry “Skip” Rockwell
Industrial Technician 
UF Facilities Operations

Carol Cobb and Tim Freemanworked very fast to show leave balances on pay stubs. Their quick response helped us a lot with phone calls and helped employees get to the information. Appreciate it!”

Roberta “Robbie” Elkins
Accounting Coordinator 
UF Payroll Office