Strategic Plan

Our Purpose. Our Legacy.2020-2025 ITSP Cover

The University of Florida 2020-2025 Strategic Plan for IT outlines UFIT’s support of the university’s mission as it transforms to a national leader in the application of AI, including an expansive plan to elevate research, teaching, and economic development.

The plan is developed around six goals:

  1. Enable Student Success
  2. Empower the Future of Research
  3. Accelerate Philanthropic Impact
  4. Elevate the Stakeholder Experience
  5. Advance an Analytics-Enabled Environment
  6. Build a Resilient Cybersecurity Environment

UFIT was enabled to develop this strategic plan by input from hundreds of faculty, students, and staff. “Our Purpose. Our Legacy. The University of Florida 2020-2025 Strategic Plan for IT” is provided in three file options below, optimized for screen viewing, printing, or a text-only version:


Earlier foundation building IT strategic plan reports: