Campus Advisory Workgroups

Each SVP area, DSO, College, Institute, or other functional unit is encouraged (but not required) to create a Unit IT Governance/Advisory/Coordinating Committee (Unit Governance). Representation should include IT professionals, faculty and staff members with IT interests, and students.

UF Information Technology governance is a well-defined, transparent process. These topical advisory committees provide recommendations and guidance on policies, standards, and priorities in support of the university’s mission and business goals.


Inclusive but not limited to the following:

  • IT professionals or IT providers
  • Unit Faculty
  • Unit Staff members


  • Address/Govern local Unit IT concerns
  • Establishing and overseeing Unit strategic/tactical planning processes
  • Assist in generating annual UF-Wide project proposals and sponsorship
  • Provide membership for the Topical IT Advisory Committees

Meeting Frequency

As needed and determined by the Unit.