What is a Passcode

A passcode is a 6-digit code generated by the DUO multi-factor authentication system for use as an alternate method of login verification.

Why and When to Use Passcodes

In the absence of internet connectivity, the ability to generate passcodes at-will or in advance ensures one's ability to complete multi-factor authentication (2FA) login. Options exist to either generate passcodes utilizing a 2FA enrolled authentication device within the DUO Mobile app (AndroidiOS), or by generating a set of passcodes via the GatorLink Account Management system.

A variety of scenarios exist in which use of a passcode as an authentication method is necessary and/or preferrable to that of a Push Notification or Phone Call:

  • Your enrolled 2FA authentication device is inaccessible, has been forgotten, lost, or stolen.
  • Travel prevents authenticating through your enrolled 2FA authentication device and/or phone.
  • The system you wish to access is connected to the internet, but your enrolled 2FA authentication device cannot receive push notifications or calls.


How to Generate Passcodes

During times in which internet access is limited or unavailable, a temporary, one-time use passcode can be generated by the DUO Mobile app in order to complete login authentication. Instructions to do so are as follows:

  1. Navigate to the desired UF service and login using your GatorLink credentials. When prompted to choose a login authentication method, select Enter a Passcode

    2 factor screen descriptor

  2. Open the Duo Mobile app on your enrolled two-factor authentication (2FA) device and tap Show. A six-digit passcode will be displayed:

         2 factor screen descriptor

  3. Enter the DUO Mobile generated passcode and click Log In. Upon successful authentication, your login will be redirected to the requested web service.
    2 factor screen descriptor

Note: In the event that one's 2FA authenticated device is unavailable (i.e. lost, stolen, etc), a one-time use bypass Code can be provided by the UFIT Help Desk. To request a DUO bypass code, contact the UFIT Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP (4357)

In the event that access to one's enrolled two-factor authentication (2FA) device has been, or will be, limited and/or restricted, users have the ability to generate five (5) one-time-use 2FA passcodes to be used for future login attempts when accessing UFL's web-based services. The user-generated passcodes do not expire and can be used on an as-needed basis. Instructions to do so are as follows:

  1. Navigate to and select GENERATE PASS CODES. When prompted, login to the service using your GatorLink credentials.

    2 factor screen descriptor

  2. Verify your login by selecting your preferred authentication method from the list of available 2FA enrolled devices and options:

    2 factor screen descriptor

    Note: If access to an enrolled 2FA authentication device is not available, contact the UFIT Help Desk (352) 392-HELP (4357) to request the generation of a one-time use 2FA passcode

  3. Select GENERATE PASS CODES. Record/save the passcodes in a secured location for use during future login attempts.
    2 factor screen descriptor
Note: In the event additional passcodes will be required, it is recommended the 5th and final generated code be saved to re-visit the 2FA management portal and used to generate 5 additional codes