General Troubleshooting

Updating Your Password in Mobile Devices

Changes made to your GatorLink password will require devices previously configured to connect to the eduroam wireless network and mail clients configured to connect to GatorMail to be re-configured using the updated password:

UF Wireless Password Help

  • To update your UF wireless network password, connect to the ufgetonline network, open a browser, and navigate to UF's Wireless Onboarding.
  • For general eduroam information and troubleshooting see: Connectivity Issues

GatorMail Email Passwords

  • For updating your password in Office 365 or for your GatorMail inbox, please visit the GatorMail website.


Web Browser Troubleshooting

How to clear your browser’s cache and cookies:

Browser OS Minimum Required Version
Apple Safari macOS 14.X
Apple Safari iOS 12.X
Google Chrome Windows 89.X
Google Chrome Android 9.X
Microsoft Edge {Legacy)   42.17134, 42.18632
Microsoft Edge Chromium 79.X
Mozilla Firefox   60.X ESR