Statistical Software

We are now selling Academic versions of IBM’s SPSS campus edition, SAS and AMOS for personal home use of UF students, faculty and staff.

There is a separate charge for SPSS, SAS, and AMOS depending on your affiliation, Faculty and Staff will be subject to a higher price according to our License agreement. Please see below for pricing.

All sales are final: Non-transferrable, No exchanges and No refunds.

AMOS and SAS are available for Microsoft Windows only.

In-Stock Software Price*
Faculty/Staff Offerings
SPSS $145.00
SAS Workstation: Teaching and Unfunded Research
Windows OS Only
SAS: Workstation: Funded Research
Windows OS Only
AMOS: Windows OS Only $76.00
Student Offerings
SPSS $35.00
SAS: Windows OS Only $36.00
AMOS: Windows OS Only $35.00
* Prices do NOT include tax. Florida State tax is 6%
Only 1 piece of media is allowed per customer

How to Acquire

On Campus

To purchase, clients can come into our offices, located at HUB 132 to purchase this media. Please have your Gator1 ID or Drivers’ license with you for proof of identity.


If it is not possible to come into the HUB, AMOS can be purchased through our office. Please contact us at 352-392-4357 to speak with our technical staff regarding this.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to obtain SAS remotely (off main campus) at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Students and Faculty located off main campus have the additional option of using IBM® SPSS® educational sales program with OnTheHub.