Gatorlink Account Resources


A GatorLink account is an individual’s computer network identity at the University of Florida. Every student, faculty, and staff member is expected to have a GatorLink username and password. Services, such as email, are accessed with the GatorLink account for eligible users with affiliations such as students, faculty, and staff.

Account Eligibility

Eligibility for a GatorLink account requires that an individual have a qualifying affiliation with the University.

Account Creation

Once a GatorLink account invitation has been received via your personal email, visit GatorLink Account Management, click Create Account, and follow the prompts. UF web services will become available to you within 5 minutes of account creation.

  • If you have not received an Invitation and believe you should have, contact the UF Computing Help Desk
  • If your invitation code has expired, fill out the Resend GatorLink Invite Form and check your inbox and spam mail folder for receipt of the invitation before contacting us.

What is a UFID?

In 2003 the University of Florida replaced the use of social security numbers as a person’s primary identification number with a UF identification number (UFID). Your UFID is assigned to you by the university and becomes the identifier for all transactions and services where personally identifiable information (PII) is required.

For more information see: UDIF Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my username?

GatorLink usernames may NOT be changed, except for in specific circumstances. Eligibility for consideration is based on meeting one of the criteria below:

  • A documented legal name change reflected in student records, the UF Directory, or government issued documentation (such as a driver’s license)
    • Note: To qualify for this exception, your former name must be a part of your current GatorLink username
  • The current username is considered “commonly offensive”
  • Instances of harassment or where required by law

It should be noted that changes to an individual’s GatorLink username has ramifications that require action on the part of the individual and the individual’s department and service issues should be expected following a username replacement. Former usernames will not be active after a GatorLink username replace.

What if I meet one or more of those criteria?

Should your situation meet one of these criteria, UF Computing Help Desk will escalate your request to UFIT Identity Access Management team for assistance with your request.

  • An active affiliation of staff, faculty, or student is required
  • Username changes are not offered during the blackout period of the first two weeks of any given semester

My current username & email address is not professional; can I change it so I can apply to jobs and grad schools?

No. Since Students are only guaranteed the use of their UF email account for 1 year following graduation, UF recommends using your personal email address for educational and employment applications to protect against loss of access.