How to Find My MAC Address

Find the MAC address for some common devices below.


Streaming Devices

  • AppleTV
    • For Wireless MAC address:
      Plug in your Apple TV and follow the set up until you reach the step to connect to a network.
      Select a wireless network and attempt to connect. This will fail, which is normal.
      The wireless MAC address should now be displayed on the Apple TV’s screen.
    • For Wired MAC address:
      Connect your Apple TV to an Ethernet port.
      On the Apple TV, navigate to Settings > General > Network. Record the MAC address listed.
  • Amazon Fire TV
    • Plug in your Amazon Fire TV stick into your TV
    • If this is the first time using this Fire TV device, the wireless MAC address will appear in the list of wireless networks during setup at the far-right of the list.
    • If this Fire TV stick has been used in the past, navigate to Settings > System > About > Network and the wireless MAC address will be listed at this screen.
  • Roku
    • From the Roku home screen, select Settings > System > About > Wireless MAC Address
  • Chromecast
    • Visit Settings on your Chromecast app.
    • The MAC address will be listed at the bottom of the window.
  • Smart TV
    • Each smart tv is unique; however most MAC addresses are visible in the Settings Menu in the Network or About sections.
    • Alternatively, check with the manufacturer of your smart tv for instructions on how to obtain the MAC address for your specific model.
  • NVIDIA Shield
    • Select Settings
    • Select Device
    • Select Network
    • Select Status info


Gaming Devices

  • Nintendo Switch
    • From the Switch’s Home menu, go to System Settings
    • Scroll down and select Internet.
    • The MAC address will appear under System MAC Address.
  • Nintendo Wii U
    • From the Wii U main menu, select System Settings.
    • Select Internet > View MAC Address. The wired/wireless MAC address will be listed.
  • Nintendo Wii
    • Select Wii Settings.
    • Select Internet > Console Information.
    • The wireless MAC address is listed under MAC Address. The wired MAC address is listed under LAN Adapter MAC Address.
  • Nintendo 3DS
    • From the 3DS’s main menu, go to System Settings > Internet Settings > Other Information.
    • Select Confirm MAC Address. The wireless MAC address will appear.
  • NVIDIA Shield
    • Select Settings > Device > Network > Status Info
    • The MAC address will be listed on the Status Info screen.
  • Xbox
    • If you are setting up your Xbox One for the first time:
    • Complete the initial setup until you reach the network connection step.
    • Attempt to connect to Device-Northwestern. This will fail, which is normal.
    • Select Fix it.
    • Wait for the troubleshooter to fail.
    • The MAC addresses will now be listed. Use Wired MAC for Ethernet connections and Wireless MAC for Wi-Fi connections.
    • If you have previously set up your Xbox One:
    • From the Xbox One home screen, select Settings.
    • Under the Console tab, select Network.
    • Select Advanced Settings. The wired and wireless MAC addresses will be displayed
  • PlayStation
    • On the PlayStation main menu, go to Settings > System > System Information.
    • The wired address will appear next to MAC Address (LAN Cable). The wireless MAC address will appear next to MAC Address (Wi-Fi).


Other Devices

  • Amazon Echo
    • Download the Amazon Alexa app to your phone or computer and sign in with your Amazon account.
    • Connect to the wireless network transmitted by your Echo device.
    • The wireless MAC address for your Echo can be found at the bottom of the Echo Setup screen in the Alexa app.
  • Google Home
    • Plug in your Google Home.
    • Download and open the Google Home app on your phone.
    • You should see your Google Home listed. Select it then press Set Up.
    • Accept the prompt allowing your phone to connect to your Google Home.
    • Answer the set up questions listed.
    • Enter the location of your Google Home and select Continue.
    • The wireless MAC address will be listed at the bottom right corner of the screen.