The committee serves in an advisory capacity to the UF CIO regarding certain allocations of the annual revenue generated by the technology credit hour fee. These funds are used to foster innovation and new uses of technology to achieve the goals of the university.  Accordingly, the committee recognizes it advises the CIO and the University on the portion of the annual technology fee revenue that is not already committed to infrastructure and instructional technology resources.

Structure and Membership

The committee Chair is a UFIT Administration member.

Members include:

  • Six student members selected by the Student Body President
  • One faculty member
  • One member representing UF administration, selected by the CIO

Term of appointment for all members (except the UFIT Administrative chair) is one year, with the possibility of reappointment.


Regular meetings will occur according to a published schedule at intervals necessary to accomplish the business of the committee  Emergency meetings may be scheduled at the discretion of the committee chair if members are provided with 48 hours notice. Meeting announcements will be posted on the UFIT Website.