The official definition of an ITIL Service Catalog is:
A database or structured Document with information about all Live IT Services, including those available for Deployment. The Service Catalog is part of the service portfolio and contains information about two types of IT service: customer-facing services that are visible to the business; and supporting services required by the service provider to deliver customer-facing services.

The Service Catalog Administrative Database (SCAD) is a centralized repository containing information on current and deprecated UFIT service offerings. The SCAD is integrated with both the myIT customer-facing portal and the UFIT services website:

When certain changes are made within the SCAD, those are reflected on either or both sites.

  • Access the UFIT Service Catalog Administrative Database (SCAD): It's the one-stop shop for information for all UFIT service offerings. Anyone with a Gatorlink ID and password can view it.
  •  SCAD Form (Sections 3-6 are required when requesting on-boarding of a new service)Download Here  

If assistance is needed with accessing or updating the SCAD, please contact the UFIT Service Improvement Team at