TrendMicro's Endpoint Protection Suite will reduce the risk of business disruptions that result from attacks on endpoints by delivering near real-time protection from malware and other malicious threats through file and web reputation, personal firewall, behavior monitoring and more. It can protect physical and virtual endpoints from damage caused by viruses, Trojan horses, worms, spyware, rootkits, web threats and their new variants

Products in the Suite:


  • UFIT is in the process of transitioning from OfficeScan to ApexOne. ApexOne is the name of Trend's new AV solution that will ultimately replace OfficeScan. Although Trend labels this as a completely new product, it is more akin to a service pack for OfficeScan that also happens to come with a name change. There are certainly additions and improvements, but any admin used to OfficeScan should have no difficulty transitioning to ApexOne.
  • Will allow distributed Admins to perform specific tasks for their organization’s endpoints, including: Outbreak Prevention, Scan Now and Update Client capabilities.

Security for Mac

  • Reduces exposure to web-based threats, including fast-spreading Mac-targeting malware
  • Adheres to Mac OS X look and feel for positive user experience
  • Saves time and effort with centralized management across endpoints, including Macs
  • Security for Mac is a plugin that functions on top of OfficeScan and ApexOne

Control Manager/Apex Central

  • Trend's centralized security management tool. It can pull information from Trends various security products (such as OfficeScan/ApexOne and Security for Mac) and provide a single console from which policies can be enforced and log data warehoused.
  • Continuously monitor and rapidly understand your security posture, identify threats, and respond to incidents with up-to-the minute situational awareness across your environment.
  • Just as there was a name change with OfficeScan/ApexOne, the Apex version of Control Manager is called Apex Central.