Code42 Crashplan ProE will allow organizations to backup their endpoints to a cloud-based solution. Organizations will mitigate risk to their endpoints by providing the capability to reconstruct what existed on the device following a data incident; streamline backup capabilities and maintenance via real-time automatic endpoint backup and end-user driven restore capabilities and have greater control of their workstation backup service via a single console giving comprehensive visibility and data management within their area.

Capability Matrix:

Cross-platform performance and security. CrashPlan works “agnostically” across platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux to ensure no computer and no department is left unprotected. End-to-end security means data encrypted at the source remains encrypted in transit and at rest. With innovative compression, load balancing, byte differential data de-duplication and multi-threading technologies—performance is unmatched.

Simple administration. From a single console, administrators enforce data retention policies, adjust user profiles, ensure compliance, and specify backup timing and security settings. CrashPlan eliminates painstaking backup archive migrations and time-consuming storage monitoring by automatically optimizing storage and bandwidth across all servers.

Easy integration. CrashPlan supports enterprise-grade identity management services, and authentication. It integrates seamlessly with Open Directory, Active Directory or OpenLDAP using LDAP (and allows admins to specify multiple LDAP providers, too), Radius for dual-factor authentication, and Shibboleth/SAML 2.0 for federated, cross-domain single sign-on.

Recovery from data loss. No matter how it disappeared, what matters is getting the data back. With automatic, continuous endpoint data protection, there’s a recovery plan for every contingency, every employee, and every device. Users can restore files immediately, themselves—even when away from the office or while using their mobile device—without IT help. They also can easily search for specific files and recover archived files based on date, time or incremental version.

On-premises encryption key management. CrashPlan encrypts data at the endpoint, in-transit and at rest, and gives you the choice of keeping encryption keys behind your own firewall in public, private or hybrid deployments. Only you can view decrypted data; your data is safe from government surveillance and blind subpoena.

Automated archive maintenance, validation and healing. Archived data undergoes regular, automatic “health checks” to ensure that files can be recovered days, weeks, months or years after initial backup. Continuous, automatic checkups keep you secure and agile—ready for restoration or migration anytime.

Remediate breaches and recover data following any disaster. When disaster strikes, the safest place for your data is the cloud. In the event of a breach, your CrashPlan tamper-proof, self-healing archives allow you to recover data and notify administrators of an incident. Identify which files were compromised and when with an intuitive, real-time dashboard of your entire backup environment. This enables administrators to enforce data retention policies, specify backup scheduling and adjust security settings. Push restore functionality allows administration to remotely copy a user’s backup to another device for quick disclosure to a third party without the user’s knowledge.

Complete compliance management. Unlike some backup services that put restrictions around backup, CrashPlan backup is truly unlimited, so your data retention policies are easily upheld. Back up any size or type of file, and keep as many versions as you want, for as long as you want. Granular controls assign backup responsibilities based upon the admin’s role.

Custom cloud deployments. Choose the cloud deployment model that fits your unique security, privacy, compliance and redundancy requirements. In addition to public, hybrid and private clouds, Code42 offers Managed Private Cloud (MPC)—an instance of the proven, secure Code42 cloud on-premises in your data center. With MPC, IT gets a purpose-built appliance and software that’s proactively managed 24/7 by Code42 customer support. No matter which model you choose, it is infinitely scalable.

Reduce migration time and costs. While data migrations are routine, they pose known risks—including data loss and corruption, unexpected downtime, lease overruns and technical compatibility issues. CrashPlan simplifies the process, protecting data before tech refresh and platform or OS migrations, and seamlessly and securely transporting every file and every version to a secure backup location.

Protect intellectual property from exfiltration. As your faculty and student body comes and goes, audit and track data as it moves to and from the cloud to protect intellectual property and detect exfiltration.

Preserve and collect for legal hold. Prepare for litigation and conquer the duty to preserve with legal hold capabilities that let you identify, search and protect relevant information from alteration or destruction. Support e-discovery, legal holds and compliance via centralized management, audit trails, real-time policy creation and customized reporting.


New Users

Cost for new users is $96.00 per user.


Cost to renew existing users is $82.00 per user.