Endpoint Management

What is UFEM?

UF Endpoint Management (UFEM) provides implementations of multiple tool suites that are meant to aid the University of Florida community in managing our disparate endpoint systems. As new capabilities are identified and deployed, they will be added to the UFEM suite of tools.

What type of endpoints are supported?

Below is a breakdown endpoint OS types and which UFEM services can be used to manage them. Click on a service name to navigate to that service's detail page.

Windows: SCCM, Officescan, Crashplan, DfE

MacOS: JAMF, Officescan, Crashplan, DfE

Linux: Red Hat SatelliteCrashplan

Submitting a help request:

If you are a unit admin and would to begin the on-boarding process for one or more UFEM-provided tools, please submit a myIT ticket:
UFEM myIT Help Request

General Inquiries:

If you would like more information about the overall UF Endpoint Management project, e-mail the team at ufit-ufem@ufl.edu.