UFIT Internship Program

Building a Diverse Workforce

We are committed to the developmental journey to foster greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and Anti-Racism within UFIT.

We will collaborate with our colleagues to better equip and empower UFIT to address and improve the work culture. Our impact goals include employee development, retention, and talent acquisition through education, increased awareness, and positive encounters within our work community.

Achieving a top-5 public university ranking means we make it a priority to employ and work with people with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives to discover new ways to leverage technology for teaching, learning, research, and the business needs of a comprehensive land-grant institution.

Every Gator has a part to play, and we invite you to join us as we build a community founded on belonging, inclusion, and the freedom to thrive.

Learn more about our internship opportunities in the following areas:

Customer Experience & Resource Planning

Customer Experience & Resource Planning

Internship Application Cycle

UFIT Internship opportunities are posted for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The timeline for each application cycle is listed below.

Fall Term

Applications open:

Early July

Onboarding begins:

Early August

Target start date:


Spring Term

Applications open:

Early November

Onboarding begins:

Early December

Target start date:

Early January

Summer Term

Applications open:

Early April

Onboarding begins:

Early May

Target start date:


Current Internship Opportunities

Job NameJob NumberDate Application Close
IT Analyst 526313 4/13/2023
Web Assistant 526316 4/13/2023
Systems Administrator/Programmer 526330 4/13/2023
Cybersecurity Detection and Response 526298 4/12/2023
Risk Analyst 526303 4/12/2023
Support and Applications 526350 4/14/2023
Lauren's Photo

Meet Lauren C.

career aspirations

“I would like to become a quality assurance engineer. I like testing things and making sure it is more secure and accessible to everyone, especially those with special needs. My aspiration comes from my parents. They are not from the United States, and they do not know a lot about technology. I want to try to help everyone because I know technology can be difficult.”

favorite part of the internship

“Meeting everyone! Everyone is very nice, and they are very patient with me because sometimes I can take a little longer to do things, but they are always willing to work with me.”

Jerrell's photo

Meet Jerrell H.

career aspirations

“I want to make the transition into doing penetration testing to test company environments to make sure they are secure. I have been going through some trainings and certifications that align with that path to give me a goal to set out for.”

major takeaways from the internship

“I have learned a lot about compliance like HIPPA and FERPA. I also got the opportunity to sit in with the monitoring team so I got to see more of the technical side of things, which is something I really want to do so that was exciting as well. They showed me their system event management system that keeps track of people that log into a UF account and flag any accounts that have suspicious activity. They also gave me some career advice, so I enjoyed it a lot.”

If you have questions about the UFIT Internship Program, please contact Jessica McLane at jmclane@ufl.edu.