UFIT Internship Program

Creating Real-World Experience

An Internship with UFIT Can Play a Critical Role in Shaping Your Career.

Internships are an extremely important addition to your resume. An internship is a great opportunity to develop industry-specific skills, gain real-world work experience, try out a chosen career path, establish professional network connections, and gain the added marketable advantage of developing self-reliance, and professional character and growth.

Several former interns have successfully transitioned into full-time positions within UF Information Technology, and the list continues to grow!

The department director determines specific internship opportunities each semester. For potential opportunities in a particular department, please click on the job titles below:

Customer Experience & Resource Planning

Customer Experience & Resource Planning

Internship Application Cycle by Semester

UFIT Internship opportunities are posted for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. The timeline for each application cycle is listed below. Start Dates are the Friday after the first-day classes begin.


Applications open:


Onboarding begins:


Target start date:



Applications open:


Onboarding begins:


Target start date:



Applications open:


Onboarding begins:


Target start date:


Current Internship Opportunities

Please click on the position title to review the opportunity and submit your application packet.

(Job Number) PositionApplication Close DateNumber of Positions
(530790) Information Security Risk Analyst Internship Closed3
(530788) Research Computing Support and Applications Internship Closed2
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Meet Josh A.

career aspirations

"It's been fun using PM software tools like Microsoft Project and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in real-use cases. I'm able to practice and refine a lot of fundamental soft skills that are always so important: Learning how to plan and allocate teams and work, understand and communicate priorities, and collaborate with different teams. Being a PM Intern has definitely reaffirmed my desire to lead a team and work collaboratively with multiple departments and across fields! I'm looking forward to being a software engineer that can lead teams as a manager across both the technical and business sides and make great products."

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Meet Lauren B.

internship takeaway

“This position has given me experience navigating and understanding a system much larger and more complex than anything I have encountered in school. Having to learn the system, and my role within it, in a short period of time is something I think will prove to be valuable anytime I need to learn a new skill for future jobs.”

Meet Loren R.

internship experience

"This internship has been such a great opportunity for me to learn the best practices of accessibility as well as gain hands-on experience with industry tools and programs. For example, I've been able to learn more about the web design tool, Figma, which I otherwise would not have been prompted to dive deep into some of its very in-depth uses and features. After I graduate, I will work as a content designer/UX writer in the tech industry. In the industry, it can be very beneficial to establish a specialty within your discipline. I hope to use what I have learned in this internship to be a champion for accessibility and inclusion in design."

If you have questions about the UFIT Internship Program, please contact UFIT Human Resources at UFIT-HR@mail.ufl.edu.