2009 UFIT Action Plan

In the past academic year (2008-2009) UF placed a major focus on improving Information Technology. President Machen wanted to ensure we have a strong foundation for core UF IT services while moving forward with a plan to hire a CIO. Chuck Frazier, as interim CIO, was charged with helping to lead and facilitate the development of a short-term IT Action Plan. The process for developing some aspects of an Action Plan involved this working group, the IT Action Plan Task Force. The charge for this group was to develop a set of actionable recommendations to structure UF IT under a CIO and build a firm base for further development. Examined issues included sustainable funding, efficiency and performance measurement, IT governance and priority setting, combining like functions and services, and cost effectiveness. Read the 2009 UFIT Action Plan, approved by President Machen on February 23, 2009.