UFIT Stationary Template

The UFIT stationery template is available for UFIT staff use. This template meets the university’s identity standard, and should be used for all official UF Information Technology correspondence, regardless of departmental affiliation.

UFIT Stationery Template (95 kB, doc)



UFIT Powerpoint Template

UFIT PowerPoint Template (585 KB, .pptx)



UFIT Business Card

The UFIT Business Card should be standard across all units.



UFIT Primary Signature

The University of Florida Information Technology signature is the official wordmark for use on all UFIT communications, both in print and online. The signature consists of three elements: a typographic rendition of the monogram “UF,” the words “University of Florida” and the words “Information Technology.” These elements work together to create the graphical identity of the UFIT division. Do not alter the signature artwork, aspect ratio, or colors.

UFIT Signatures (119.6 kB, zip)