MemoryCall Voice Mail Instructions

Note: The following instructions are for ATT’s MemoryCall voice mail service only.

Getting the Message with MemoryCall - Voice Mail

Remember that it is up to you to remember your password. If you should forget your password, your mailbox will have to be reset by the Telephone Company and all of your messages will be lost. To ensure complete privacy, not even the Telephone Company knows your password or can listen to your messages.

Never just hang up whether sending or reviewing messages. Always press * until MemoryCall services says "Goodbye".

The First Time You Access MemoryCall

You will be asked to change your password and record your name. The service will lead you through the steps as follows:

  1. Call MemoryCall service (9-334-1200).
    Note: If you are calling from another telephone number, press * after step 1 and enter your own mailbox (7 digit phone number).
  2. Enter your 7 digit temporary password (your 7 digit phone number).  Some mailboxes have a 10 digit temporary password (your area code & 7 digit phone number).
  3. Enter your new 7-15 digit password and press # .
  4. Record your name and press # .
  5. Record your personal greeting (up to 45 seconds long) and press # .
  6. You are now at the Main Menu.

Accessing the Main Menu

  1. Call MemoryCall service (9-334-1200).
    Note: If you are calling from another telephone number, press * after step 1 and enter your own mailbox (7 digit phone number).
  2. Listen to MemoryCall introductory prompt.
  3. Enter your password and press # .

The Main Menu consists of the following features.

REVIEW (press 1 ) Allows you to listen to messages that others have sent you.

CHECK RECEIPT (press 3 ) Lists the messages you have sent and lets you know if each message sent was delivered (or retrieved).

PERSONAL OPTIONS (press 4 ) Prompts you in personalizing the service to your needs.

RESTART (press 5 ) Disconnects you from your mailbox and repeats the generic prompt to enter another mailbox number.

EXIT (press * ) Disconnects you from MemoryCall service.

Reviewing Messages

To review messages, press 1 . Your messages will begin playing. The order in which they are played is home, new urgent, other new, messages skipped during this session then archived. The oldest messages within each category are played first. (Messages not retrieved will be stored for 14 days.) After hearing each message you may:

  • Erase the message: press 7.
  • Reply to the message: press 8 (if from another mailbox subscriber).
  • save the message: press 9.
  • For more options, press 0.

Sending Messages

  1. From the Main Menu, press 2 .
  2. Record your message (up to 3 minutes long) then press # .
  3. Enter the destination mailbox number, within the 9 state region (FL, GA, SC, NC, AL, MS, LA, KY, & TN). Recipient must also have MemoryCall.
  4. Select a Delivery Option (if desired).
  5. To send the message, press # .

Navigating MemoryCall

The best way to learn MemoryCall service is to experiment with it. Nothing you do can break MemoryCall service.

  • Send yourself reminder messages while you're at home and retrieve them later.
  • Put your co-workers on a distribution list. Record a message and send it to all at the same time.
  • Access Personal Options and change them. (No changes you make are permanent - you can always correct them.) Personal Options you can change include password, greeting and notification schedule. You can also turn your notification or message waiting on or off using Personal Options.

NOTE: If Message Notification is on, a Notification Schedule must be in place for MemoryCall to notify you. Message Notification is preset off.

NOTE: If Message Waiting is off you will not receive a stutter dial tone or message waiting lamp to indicate you have new messages. Message Waiting is preset on.


Press 0 if you need help, more explanations, or want more options. (If you don't press anything, MemoryCall service will repeat your options to help you.)

MemoryCall service may tell you, "Sorry you're having trouble." At that point, it may disconnect you. If you hear this, it is because you have exceeded a certain number of errors or have requested help (pressed 0) a number of times. MemoryCall service does this to allow as many users on the system as possible. Don't get discouraged; simply start again.


Once you have sent a message, you cannot get it back. To cancel a message before it is sent, press # . You are then given the option to re-record the message.


  • Pressing the sequence 3 - 3 (Fast Forward to the end) and 7 (Erase) while listening to a message will move you immediately to the end of the message and delete it. This is useful if you receive "silent" messages, which occur when a caller hangs up rather than leaving a message. This also forwards you past the dial tone heard if a caller hangs up after leaving a message.
  • You can enter several commands at once by entering all of the option numbers without waiting for prompts. This overrides the verbal instructions. For example, if you want to change your greeting, enter 4 - 3 - 1 - 2 .
  • Press # to skip personal greetings and introductory prompts.
  • Press # to skip a message you are reviewing.

You can do the following using *:

  • Cancel what you are doing.
  • Erase and re-record during recording.
  • Re-enter a destination if you make a mistake.
  • Back up to a previous menu while listening to a prompt.
  • Disconnect from the Main Menu.

You can do the following using #:

  • Skip personal greetings and introductory prompts.
  • Skip a message you are reviewing.
  • Send a message.
  • Complete a step (tells MemoryCall you have finished entering your password, a telephone number, or a group list number).

Callers can interrupt the personal greeting in two ways:

  • Press # to go directly to where they can record a message.
  • Press 0 to be connected to your receptionist or secretary (if you have the dial 0 option).