UF Departments can initiate installation or repair services by calling 273-1234 or submitting an online request at http://my.it.ufl.edu. Both services are provided between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

The request should include the department's customer number (if known), contact person, telephone number, and address. The request should include a brief description of the work desired, including location of the work and a due date.

All customers are given a written estimate prior to any work commencing.

If your account is more than 60 days past due, service will be delayed until payment is received.

Repair Services

Telecommunications provides repair services to all UF owned telephone systems.

If the repair is URGENT, such as no dial tone, please inform us at the time you place the request.

Repair orders are given top priority, and it is Telecommunications policy to respond to all repairs within 24 hours after receiving the orders.

Installation Services

Each work order is assigned to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) who will take personal responsibility for tracking the status of all orders assigned. For this reason, all customer inquiries will be directed to the appropriate CSR.

The CSR will review the order and make a determination on the course of action to fulfill the customer's needs. If the order will require work by a Telecommunications Technician, the Technician will make contact with the customer to determine their needs and provide a cost estimate. 

If the work order requires outsourcing, new ESSX line, cabling, etc, it will be added to the estimate and scheduled after work is approved.

All installations and repairs are on material charge basis and are a direct pass through. Special arrangements can be made for after hour installations if there is a special need.