UFIT Governance Chart

Download: UFIT Governance Chart

UF Information Technology governance is a well-defined, transparent process. The governance committees assists with advising on policies, standards, and priorities in support of the university‚Äôs mission and business goals.

The UF-wide IT Governance structure includes the following components:

  • Unit IT Advisory/Coordination/Governance Committees to address local issues and provide representation to the Topical IT Advisory Committees.
  • Six main Topical IT Advisory Committees: Education & Outreach, Research Computing, Administrative Systems, Web Services, IT Security & Compliance and Shared Infrastructure. Each Topical IT Advisory Committee will provide representation to the IT Policy Council in such a manner that corresponding IT providers and IT users will be represented equally.
  • The President’s Cabinet approves UF-wide policies and standards, strategic UF-wide projects and associated budget, which requires a UF-wide financial commitment.
  • The Office of the CIO.