Documents and Organization

A document is a piece of information that your organization has chosen to store electronically in the system.

Document Type
Each document that is brought into the system is assigned to a Document Type. Document Types group together documents with similar characteristics. Document Types allow you to work with groups of documents rather than individual documents.

Document Type Group
Document Type Groups contain Document Types that have common characteristics. Used for easy searching and assigning security.

Folders provide an additional interface for grouping documents for easy retrieval. This interface consists of file cabinet that contain folders. A folder can contain documents from multiple Document Types.

File Cabinet
A file cabinet is the highest organizational unit in a folder hierarchy. The file cabinet helps organize folders for easy retrieval.

Indexing and Retrieval

Keyword Type
Every Document Type has associated Keyword Types. Keyword Types are necessary to search and retrieve the document. Keyword Types can exist on multiple Document Types. For example, UFID is used as a primary Keyword Type for search/retrieval for many of our document types.

Keyword Value
When a document is indexed, its Keyword Types are assigned Keyword Values. A Keyword Value is the specific value that helps to identify documents in the system.

Indexing a document occurs when Keyword Values are assigned to the document.

Re-indexing a currently indexed document lets a user change the Keyword Values or Document Type of an already indexed document.

Autofill Keywords
Autofill Keywords associate a group of Keyword Types with one main (Primary) Keyword Type and automate and standardize data entry. A value entered into the Primary Keyword Type field during indexing of a document triggers the population of the remaining secondary Keyword Values.

Autoname String
The Auto-Name function allows OnBase to give a meaningful name to an item. The most common example would be an auto-name for a document type. The string can use variables containing data about each specific item, for example Keyword Values and/or static text.

Scanning and Document Import

Scanning is the act of using an attached scanner to bring in a document image into OnBase for processing.

Scan Queue
A scan queue is a processing queue for scanning in document images. Each scan queue can have a variety of document types, user groups and processing options assigned based on business need.