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Solving Strategic Challenges in Higher Education


The University of Florida is a founding member institution of the Unizin consortium. Launched in 2014, Unizin’s mandate is to leverage resources on higher education IT priorities. One example of this shared vision manifested as the Unizin Data Platform, a first of its kind solution to integrating learner-relevant data from multiple sources propelling significant advancements in education research and student success. We also leverage their vendor partnerships to bring the latest in educational technology products to our campus at the most affordable rates available in the market.

Educational Research Opportunities

Interested in collaborating on research projects with member institutions, or have your own line of inquiry? Information on gaining access to the Unizin Data Platform (UDP) with member data, IRB considerations, and more is on the Unizin Enabled Research page.

UF-Unizin News Archive

Updates on current projects and archived articles about UF’s involvement with Unizin are available on the Unizin News page.