The UF community includes all students, staff, faculty and external stakeholders. UFIT is committed to engaging with the university community to provide the services required of a leading public research institution.

UFIT is engaged in on going efforts that focuses on participation and communication with the UF community.

How Do I Participate in Governance for UFIT?

Any member of the community is welcome to bring issues and ideas to the unit and/or topical advisory committees individually or through your Campus IT Directors representative. The links below can be used to send an email to the topical committee chairs for discussion by the committee. Also, questions, suggestions, or input may be sent to UFIT Suggestions or your Campus IT Director will be forwarded to the appropriate committee chair or UFIT administrator.

Topical CommitteeContactCommittee Scope
Research ComputingChair: Paul AveryAdvice and direction to ensure competitiveness of researchers and facilitate research. The committee addresses issues such as High Performance Computing (HPC), and high end consulting services.
Faculty Senate IT SubcommitteeChair: Frank BovaAdvice and direction in the use of IT to support teaching, research and engagement. The committee addresses issues such as course management systems, distance learning, IT innovation, intellectual property and copyright, web policy, and video and collaboration.
Information SecurityChair: Cammy AbernathyAdvice and direction to ensure the security of IT resources The committee addresses issues such as risk assessment, security standards and compliance, physical and virtual security, guidelines and forensic procedures.
Web ServicesChair: Dan WilliamsAdvice and direction to ensure a high quality UF web presence. The committee addresses issues such effective communication, web standards, best practice, and ADA compliance.
Administrative SystemsChair: Tammy AagardAdvice and direction for effective data systems that improve access to information. The committee addresses issues such as Web administrative menu, PeopleSoft implementation, Email policy, UFID, directory implementation, and minimum workstation functionality.
Shared InfrastructureChair: Eric OlsonAdvice and direction in support of a comprehensive infrastructure for voice, video and data. The committee addresses issues such as connectivity, wireless, data center, device management, wall plate, Bridges infrastructure, and high performance computing.

How Do I Stay Informed About UFIT?

Consider talking directly to any of the members of the topical committees.

There are several channels to choose from to stay informed about UFIT:

  1. UFIT News
  2. UFIT Social Media

Partial List of UFIT Listservs



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