ONE IT Leadership

UFIT Leadership meets regularly with IT Directors/Representatives to coordinate campus IT services and activities. Listed below are the IT Directors/Representatives for each college, VP/Cabinet unit, and Dean or Director.

Dean College IT Leadership Contact
Elaine Turner, Dean Agricultural and Life Sciences Wendy Williams
Jennifer Setlow, Interim Dean Arts Pete Haring
Saby Mitra, Dean Business, Warrington College Eric Olson
Isabel Garcia, Dean Dentistry Gigi Lipori
Chimay Anumba, Dean Design, Construction and Planning Bob Matckie
Glenn Good, Dean Education TBD
Forrest Masters, Dean Engineering, Herbert Wertheim College Shawn Lander
Michael Reid, Dean Health and Human Performance Pete Calamore
Hub Brown, Dean Journalism and Communications Josh Merrill
Merritt McAlister, Interim Dean Law, Levin College UFIT Shared Services/Mark McCallister
David Richardson, Dean Liberal Arts and Science Ken Sallot
Colleen Koch, Dean Medicine Gigi Lipori
Shakira Henderson, Dean Nursing Justin Burley
Peter Swaan, Dean Pharmacy Lane Blanchard
Beth Virnig, Dean Public Health and Health Professions Geof Gowan
Dana Zimmel, Dean Veterinary Medicine Gigi Lipori
Cabinet Organizational Unit IT Leadership Contact
Scott Angle, Provost Academic Affairs Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Melissa Curry, Vice President Human Resources Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Dan Dillon, Vice President and Senior Advisor Marketing, Office of the President Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Kurt Dudas, Vice President Office of the President Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Elias G. Eldayrie, Vice President and CIO Information Technology Elias G. Eldayrie (UFIT)
Robert A. Gilbert, Interim Senior Vice President Agriculture and Natural Resources Andrew Carey
Amy M. Hass, Vice President General Counsel Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Taylor Jantz, Interim CFO CFO Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Mark Kaplan, Vice President Government and Community Relations Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Stephen Motew, CEO UF Health Shands Hospital Gigi Lipori
Dave Kratzer, Senior Vice President Construction, Facilities, and Auxiliary Frank Phillips
Maria Martin, Interim Vice President Advancement Audrey Geoffroy
David Nelson, Senior Vice President UF Health Gigi Lipori
David Norton, Vice President Research Nick Dunham
Mary Parker, Vice President and Chief Enrollment Strategist Enrollment Management Robert Bache
Raymond Sass, Vice President Innovation and Partnerships Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Penny Schwinn, Vice President PK-12 and Pre-Bachelors Programs Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Scott Stricklin, Director UF Athletics Matthew Vincent
James Wegmann, Vice President Strategic Communications and Marketing Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Heather White, Vice President Student Life Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)
Dean or Director Unit IT Director/Representative
Nicole Stedman, Dean Graduate School Hannah Potter
Andra Johnson, Dean IFAS Extension Andrew Carey
Robert Gilbert, Dean IFAS Research Andrew Carey
Judith Russell, Dean University Libraries Todd Digby
Leonardo Villalon, Dean International Center Will Collante
Douglas Jones, Director & Curator Florida Museum of Natural History Warren Brown
Lee Ann Chesterfield, Director Harn Museum of Art Michael Quinones
Romi Gutierrez, Director University Press of Florida Alicia Turner, Mark McCallister (UFIT)