Student Tech Fair

2024 Tech Fair

The 2024 Student Tech Fair is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 28. at Marston Breezeway, find us at the fries!

This year’s experiential event focuses on helping students utilize AI and online tools to get to the next level. Whether that means your first full-time job up the career ladder or a coveted internship, stop by Tech Fair and let the IT experts support your goals! You can also get assistance with your tech issues, such as help with campus Wi-Fi and how to log in to LinkedIn Learning for free, check out Marston Science Library and 3-D printing options, and see what software is available free or at seriously discounted prices.

Just a sample of the ways students can benefit from attending are:

  1. 1. Get Your Resume “AI-Review” Ready

    The Career Connections Center can help you adapt your resume to algorithms used by major employers that utilize software to evaluate applicants. C3 staff will also answer questions about applying for tech jobs, using LinkedIn to your advantage, and learning how to best use sites like Indeed.

  2. 2. Digital Literacy

    Speak with expert IT Trainers! UFIT Training empowers the UF community through engaging sessions and specialized tracks, including an AI certificate program and AI Learning Path on LinkedIn Learning. Leverage LinkedIn Learning as a rich resource to acquire knowledge and skills across various domains. Elevate your skills for work and school by tapping into these essential tools.

  3. 3. e-Portfolios

    UFIT Web Services will create "how-to's" for making an ePortfolio, and showcase how to use Bing Copilot to enhance it. Students interested in creating an ePorfolio can access Web Services' 2024 Tech Fair Digital Flyer, or make an appointment before the day of the event.

  4. 4. AI Recipes for Student Success

    Enhance your recipe for success with AI prompts that will help improve your study strategies at the Center for Instructional Technology & Training (CITT) Tech Kitchen booth.

  5. 5. Marston Science Library

    Plan your projects, collaborate with classmates, and make your visions come to life at Marston Science Library. Learn about all the technology and equipment available for rent, and see what creations await with the tools at hand in the makerspace. Talk with library experts to see how you can utilize the libraries' services to meet your academic needs.

  6. 6. UFIT Help Desk

    Connect with UFIT's Help Desk experts to resolve any technical issues on your GatorLink account, or let us help you get GatorMail and eduroam on your phone. UFIT also offers several software licenses for students at big discounts!

  7. 7. Disability Resource Center

    The Disability Resource Center (DRC) serves over 7,000 Gators with disabilities. The DRC has an inventory of various assistive technologies available to support a wide range of student needs. These technologies include but are not limited to smart pens, reader pens, speech to text software, Kurzweil, FM Systems, screen readers, and so much more. The DRC team will be demonstrating many of these technologies during the UF 2024 Tech Fair. Come by the table to meet with DRC staff and interact with the accessible technology serving our Gators.

  8. 8. Student Organization

    Calling all students! Connect with your fellow students and be ready to enhance your academic journey with a diverse array of resources, both technical and beyond, designed to complement your studies. Swing by for a chance to network, ask questions, and explore the boundless opportunities this organization brings to campus. Your curiosity awaits—be part of the community that goes beyond textbooks and opens doors to exciting new possibilities.

Additionally, the 2024 Tech Fair will have experts to explain how AI is used to scan and review resumes. You’ll also be able to comment on the future of UF classroom design and enter a giveaway for great prizes. More information about Tech Fair will be posted regularly on UFIT’s Twitter and Instagram channels. Here are some of the amazing prizes you could win!

Red Beats over-the-ear headphones over a red backgroundA small JBL speaker with a carabiner attached at the topa Sleep simulation alarm clock over a red background