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Office Phone Resources

Forwarding your office phone and checking voicemail 

Before leaving your office, forward calls to your home or cell phone:

  1. Press the Forward all Softkey (located under the screen display). You will hear 2 beeps
  2. Enter the phone number you want your calls forwarded to
  3. If forwarding off campus dial ”9” in front of number
  4. If long distance Dial ”9”+1+area code+number

To forward incoming calls to your home or cell phone when off campus

  1. Log in to the Gatorlink VPN
  2. Log on to the Cisco Unified Communications Self Care Portal
  3. In the Username field, enter your Gatorlink username (e.g. albert.gator)
  4. In the Password field, enter your Gatorlink password
  5. Click “Sign In”
  6. Click “Call Forwarding” on the left pane
  7. Put a checkmark to the left of “Forward all calls to:”
  8. Click on drop down arrow
  9. Choose “Add a new number”
  10. Enter the phone number you want your office phone calls forwarded to
  11. If the phone number is local, enter 9 and the seven digit phone number (e.g. 95551212)
  12. If the phone number is long distance, enter 9, 1, and the 10 digit phone number (e.g. 919545551212)
  13. Click “Save” and close the web page

To cancel this action – Remove phone number and uncheck the box to the left of “Forward all calls to:” then Click “Save” and close the web page

Have VoiceMail Sent To Your Email Inbox

Voicemail to email means that when you receive a voicemail you will also see a new email with the message attached as a sound file in your Inbox.  You will still see notification on the phone as well and can still use the phone to check the voicemail, but you will also have the option to manage your voicemail through email.  The service synchronizes your email with your phone.  If you delete a voicemail message from your email, it will be also be deleted from your phone. If you delete a message from your phone, it deletes the corresponding email.

To have this service configured, please contact your local IT representative or submit a ticket via myIT Service Request

Softphone Service (Jabber)

Cisco Jabber provides soft phone services for remote workers.  Jabber is fully integrated with UF's existing telephone and videoconferencing services, providing full access to your work phone’s capabilities and voicemail, from any device and any location. The Jabber client is available for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Cisco Jabber requires specific user device configuration in order to function. If you are interested in using Jabber, please create a myIT Service Request (Communication & Collaboration > Telephony > Telephones...) and provide the following information:

  • Gatorlink username
  • UF phone number
  • Type of device (Windows, Mac,  iPhone, or Android)

For more information, please visit Jabber’s service page:

To explore more features available on your phone visit the following UFIT resource page:

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