IT Rationalization

Information Technology Rationalization Policy

  1. Policy Statement
    To rationalize information technology services to enable innovation, increase efficiency, reduce complexity, lower costs, and improve security of the computing environment.
  2. Applicability
    This policy applies to the University of Florida, including the distributed service organizations (DSOs), and auxiliaries.
  3. Definitions
    IT Rationalization: The process of making decisions about how an organization buys and uses its computers, software and resources so they are as effective as possible.

    UF Senior Leadership: The Senior leader of a college or university administrative unit such as a Dean, Vice President, or Director of a unit.
  4. Policy Specifics
    To promote the rational use of information technology resources and ensure UF data is secured consistent with UF-wide IT and information security policies and standards, units must:
    1. Use university enterprise IT services and infrastructure whenever available.
    2. Utilize external IT services (including ‘cloud’) that have been approved, contracted, and managed by the university.
    3. Refrain from using IT services, software, technology, and infrastructure that have been prohibited, unless a specific exception has been approved by the Vice President and Chief Information Officer.
    4. Obtain documented approval from the UF Senior Leadership and the Vice President and Chief Information Officer before implementing information systems that store, process, or transmit sensitive or restricted data.
  5. Review and Adjudication
    1. Directors/Managers of IT are responsible for coordinating use and provision of IT services and infrastructure, including the use of services and infrastructure not managed by the enterprise or contracted by the university, with the Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer.
    2. The Vice President and Chief Information Officer is responsible for and has the authority to direct the architecture, security, and provisioning of IT services at UF.

Policy Violations
Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action for employees, up to and including termination. Volunteers may have their volunteer status terminated.


Revision Date Description
3/31/2023 Policy originally adopted
  Policy updated

Additional Resources
3.0075 Security of Data and Related Information Technology Resources

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