Student Computing Requirements

Policy Statement

The Student Computing Requirement Policy establishes the minimum computing standard for students to maintain continuous access to the necessary computing technology for successful completion of academic and administrative activities.


This policy applies to all enrolled students, part-time and full-time.

Policy Specifics

The University of Florida requires all students to have continuous ongoing access to computer hardware and software appropriate to their degree program. Course work in all degree programs requires the use of a computer and reliable high-speed internet connectivity. Activities related to student life including academic advisement, course registration, official university correspondence, use of library resources, and student financial affairs are predicated on access to a computer with internet connectivity.

It is expected that most students will meet this requirement by owning or leasing a computer appropriate to their degree program. The cost of meeting this requirement may be included in financial aid considerations.

Policy Violations

Failure to adhere to the policy is likely to result in a negative impact on academic performance if students choose not to obtain the computing technology necessary to engage in course work appropriately.