Information Security Training

ISO training

In 2019, the Florida Board of Governors conducted audits of the state’s 12 public universities.  The report recommended that the University of Florida enhance its existing information security awareness program by implementing a mandatory annual faculty and staff training.

Faculty and staff may decide when to first take the training during the fall 2020 semester. The annual reminder date for re-taking this training will be based on the initial completion.

There are four modules in the training for faculty and staff. Completing the training takes approximately 35-45 minutes for faculty and staff, and 15 minutes for students.  To begin, click below:

Beginning in Fall 2020, all employees of the University of Florida are required to take the training. Students will take a special version beginning in Spring 2021. 

All faculty and staff must complete the training by the end of the Fall 2020 semester, and once per year after that.

New hires will receive an email from the MyTraining system with a link to the training. They are given 30 days to complete the training.

Yes. Because emeritus faculty have access to university computer systems and data in order to teach classes and conduct research, they are exposed to the same information security threats as all other university employees.