Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

UF’s Integrated Risk Management program (IRM) was created to support the University’s mission of teaching, research and service by providing UF faculty and staff with a single point of contact for digital business tools and solutions. Please do not hesitate to email UFIT or call (352) 294-3589. We are happy to assist you in this process.

Commodity Approval

IRM reviews all purchase requisitions with IT commodity codes. The Commodity Approval process is done in parallel with the risk assessment process.

IRM will check the Fast Path Solutions (FPS) list for the product being purchased. If the product appears on FPS no request is needed if using in accordance with the Fast Path Solutions guidelines.

If there is previous PO or risk assessment request associated with the purchase, IRM will confirm the request number and approve the requisition.

If there is no request or Fast Path Solutions listing, IRM will ask that request be submitted. Then approve the requisition.

When necessary, IRM will confirm with UFIT service owners that purchases align with the IT Rationalization Standard.

Fast Path Solutions

FPS is a comprehensive list of pre-assessed software and computing environments.

Use this page to search by name or by category.

If you are working with non-restricted data, you may use FPS without additional review by UF administrative, compliance, and risk management offices.

UF Data Guide 

Not all data classifications are created equal, so it can get very complex to appropriately classify data.

This guide will help you understand your data type within UF’s data classification guidelines.

This guide can also be used to find approved software and computing infrastructure for use with various data types.

If you are new to the risk assessment process or need a refresher course, please click here for a free training.