eFax Service

UFIT provides an eFax service that allows you send and receive faxes from your PC, as well as a number of Xerox PrintSmart MFDs. Please use the following links for more information:

Send & Receive Fax via Email

PrintSmart MFD Support

Analog Fax Machines

In keeping with the overall strategy at the University of Florida to move away from analog lines and technologies, new fax machines are no longer being deployed.  Existing fax machines can remain in operation, but will need to be migrated to alternate solutions or eFax when they fail. 
  • Deprecation of fax machines applies to those connected directly to AT&T analog lines, and those connected via ATAs to the Cisco VoIP Telephone system.
  • Note that Xerox PrintSmart MFPs that use the eFax EIP connector continue to be supported.

Fax Alternatives

While properly implemented fax communications remain compliant with certain privacy regulations such as HIPAA, the technology itself is outdated, lacks adequate security controls, incurs high operational costs, and is subject to high communication-failure rates.

Alternative communication services superior to fax include email, file sharing services, and file transfer services. Please check the Fast Path Solutions page to find alternative services approved for different uses at UF.

  • When communicating directly within UF and UF Health departments, the use of UF Email and file sharing services such as Dropbox or OneDrive is recommended.
  • Please refer to the the UF Email privacy policy for the use of PHI and SSN data in Email.