Backup and Archive

The TSM client is available and supported on Linux, Windows, and Apple OSX. You can download the software directly from the IBM website. We are currently running Storage Protect version 8.1, and you are expected to keep your client updated to the same major version.

Full installation documentation is available at the IBM website.

Depending upon your configuration, you may need to modify your device's firewall settings to allow network access to the TSM application.

TSM Server Information

As part of the initial setup, your unit will be assigned to one or more of the following TSM servers.

Server DNS name TCPPort TCPAdminPort
ERP 1608 1611
EXT 1609 1612
EXT2 1619 1620
INT 1610 1613
TSMERP 1832 1833
TSMEXT 1830 1831
TSMINT 1832 1833
TSMTEST 1824 1825
TSMUFF 1834 1835

To mitigate certain ransomware attacks, administrative actions such as deleting client or backup filesets are restricted to campus networks enforcing multi-factor authentication. To access these functions, you must log into the ICTNSAM Virtual Private Network (VPN), and authenticate with your TSM admin account (versus the TSM client account). Your TSM account uses your Gatorlink for authentication.