MySQL database hosting provides managed MySQL database resources within UFIT's infrastructure. This will allow your project access to managed database resources without the worry of purchasing computing hardware, managing operating system or DBMS software. Additionally your IT staff will be able to leave disaster recovery and data center concerns to UFIT.

UFIT Provides

UFIT will function in the roles of System Administrator, System DBA, and Backup Administrators. As such UFIT is responsible for making sure the MySQL service is available to your Application DBAs and Application Developers and Administrators.

Customer Provides

As the customer it is your responsibility to provide IT staff to fulfill the roles of Application DBA and any Application Developer and/or Administrator needed to utilize the MySQL service. Also, any end-user support must be provided by staff in the customer organization. All data, including database schema design and implementation, will belong to and remain the responsibility of the customer.

MySQL Service Menu

All MySQL database hosting includes:

  • 20G disk storage for one named database in UFIT's shared MySQL environment
  • Administrative user with full control of database
  • Additional users as needed
  • Log-based replication to standby DB
  • Nightly backups with offsite storage to protect against data loss in the case of catastrophic infrastructure failure