Getting Started

How to log in to DocuSign

  1. Go to the DocuSign log in page:
  2. Enter your Gatorlink email (Do not use an alias or department email such as
  3. Click Continue then Use Company Login and you will be redirected to the Gatorlink Authentication page (if not currently logged in using SSO)
  4. Enter your Gatorlink ID and Password

If you need access to send documents, you will need the Author or Sender role. User role information and training can be found here: After you have completed the DocuSign training, you will request the proper role from your Department Security Administrator (DSA).

Note: Both Author and Sender roles allow users to send documents in DocuSign. The Author role allows users to create and save forms (templates) in DocuSign.

Note: UF DocuSign Authors and Senders are instructed to always use Gatorlink Emails when addressing UF recipients for official business. This reduces the amount of authentication or login errors.

Once you have the Author or Sender role, you are ready to start sending documents!

  1. Log in to DocuSign
  2. Click “New”, then “Send an Envelope”
  3. Follow this guide:
  4. Video:

Note: UFDocuSign Author and Sender roles are available to faculty and staff members. Students can be Signers and cannot send documents.