Welcome to UF DocuSign

Welcome to UF DocuSign, a Cloud-Based, eSignature Service available to Staff and Faculty for official UF Business. Upon Training and DSA approval, users can send documents to anyone in the World (e.g., Faculty, Staff, Students, Outside Vendors, Patients).

DocuSign allows you to securely sign and initial an electronic document instead of a paper copy. You can also send electronic documents for signature—to one person or many people—and easily see the status of the documents you send.

It is the responsibility of users to download completed documents to an approved, secure file storage location. Retention policy in UFDocusign is 90 days. All documents are deleted from DocuSign 90 days after completion.

Please note: UF DocuSign Senders and Authors are instructed to always use Gatorlink emails when addressing UF recipients for official business.

Who can use DocuSign?

UFDocuSign Author and Sender roles are available to faculty and staff members. Students can be Signers and cannot send envelopes.

How do I get access to send documents for signature?

Faculty and staff members who have taken the appropriate training to be an Author or Sender and have requested DSA approval can send documents. User role information can be found here.

What data types can be used?

It has been vetted and approved for FERPA/HIPAA sensitive and restricted data types in most situations. However, it is recommended that restricted and PII (SSN) not be stored in DocuSign. Any questions regarding sensitive or restricted data can be directed to the UF Security/Risk Management team https://irm.ufl.edu/. HIPAA questions for Shands employees should be directed to the Shands Privacy office.

21 CFR Part 11

DocuSign is available in two different instances to support your compliance with the electronic signature practices set forth by UF and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 21 CFR Part 11. For more information on 21 CFR Part 11 click here.