Chris Wiggins, UFIT
Technical Lead

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Additional Team Members

Executive Sponsor Group:

  • Elias Eldayrie, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Jodi Gentry, Vice President for Human Resources
  • Mike McKee, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Project Steering Committee:

  • Elizabeth Amdur, Project Champion and Steering Committee Chair
  • Melissa Curry, Human Resources
  • Lisa Deal, Procurement
  • Brent Goodman, Human Resources
  • Brandon Vega, UFIT 

Implementation Team:

  • Elizabeth Amdur, Delivery Manager
  • Pate Cantrell, UFIT Project Manager
  • Tracy Crichton, EDM
  • Carrie Davey, DocuSign Project Manager
  • Robin Marrin, EDM Service
  • Frank Medina, EDM
  • MyCah Pleasant, UFIT
  • Chris Wiggins, Technical Lead
  • Allan West, UFIT

Pilot Teams:

  • CFO Shared Services
  • College of Pharmacy
  • College of the Arts
  • Office of Technology Licensing
  • Student Affairs
  • UFIT Business Center