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Digital Forensics Examinations

The UFIT Information Security Office responds to and investigates information security incidents related to misuse or abuse of university information and information technology resources. An information security incident is defined as an event, whether electronic, physical or social that adversely impacts the confidentiality, integrity or availability of University of Florida data or information systems; or a real or suspected action, inconsistent with University of Florida Privacy or Acceptable Use policies. For example: Acquisition and preservation of hard drives, network and data files, email, and other media, Evidence/Artifact/Exhibit Chain-of-Custody and secure storage, Malware Analysis, Data Recovery, Litigation support, E-Discovery, Production and presentation of an investigative report and/or fact testimony, Post-Compromise or Post-Intrusion Analysis.

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8am-5pm M-F, excluding UF holidays

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Faculty, Staff, Student, IT Partners