UF Telecommunications Policies

The following policies and standards have been established for the optimal operation and maintenance of the University of Florida telecommunications services and infrastructure.

Primary and Shared Line Policy

All Cisco phones (desktop or Jabber app) must have a unique phone number (DID) assigned to the user as their primary line appearance.  Additional lines (shared or not) can be added to those devices that support multiple lines. These include most current model desktop phones as well as Jabber for desktop.

Note: Jabber mobile platforms do not support multiple line appearance.

Voicemail Retention Policy

Voicemail messages stored on the university’s Unity voicemail system are retained as follows:

  • Unheard messages are deleted from the system after six months
  • Listened Messages are deleted from the system after 30 days from the date they were first played

Note: For Single-Inbox configurations (i.e. email integration), messages left in the inbox follow the above retention rules. If moved to a different email folder, at that point the voicemail message is treated as an email message and will be retained as per the applicable email retention rules.

Discontinuation of Analog Telephone Lines and Data Circuits

All analog telephone lines and data circuit disconnection requests are subject to a 30 to 60 day completion period by the telephone company, and customers are responsible for payment of the bill until the service is terminated.