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Access to and on-going use of a computer is required for all students. The University of Florida expects each student entering a UF Online program, to acquire computer hardware and software appropriate to his or her degree program. Competency in the basic use of a computer is required. Course work will require use of a computer and a broadband connection to the internet, academic advising and registration can be done by computer, official university correspondence is often sent via e-mail and other services are provided that require access through the Internet. While the university offers limited access to computer software through its virtual computer lab and software licensing office, most students will be expected to purchase or lease a computer. Cost of meeting this requirement may be included in financial aid considerations. Interpretation of the policy: Most current computers are capable of meeting these general requirements. At a minimum a student computer configuration should include an office software suite installed (provided by the university), audio and video capabilities, and a printer.

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