The refresh & rehab schedule below, shows the progress completed as well as planned work in the current fiscal year:

Building NameCompletion
Aquatic Weeds Research Center Q1 2021
Horticulture Equipment Storage  Q1 2021
Fisheries Residence (0481) Q1 2021
Greenhouse Horticulture  Q1 2021
Fish Research Lab  Q1 2021
Aquatic Weed Annex Q1 2021
Fisheries Admin Building  Q1 2021
Criser Q2 2021

Building NameCompletion
Stadium  Q4 2020 
Bryan Hall  Q4 2020 
Walker Hall  Q4 2020
EHS Program Support  Q4 2020
Microfabritech West  Q4 2020
Microfabritech East  Q4 2020
Electronics Communications Lab  Q4 2020
Health Surge Center 2 Q4 2020
Waste Management Facility  Q4 2020
Neurobiological Surge 6 Q4 2020
Particle Science Building  Q4 2020
Broward Dining  Q4 2020
Carleton Feb-20
CWP2  Feb-20
CWP5  Feb-20
Lacrosse Grand Stand Feb-20
Lacrosse Locker Building  Feb-20
Rabon Chiller Feb-20
Agronomy Plant Science Lab Mar-20
Conference Institutes  Mar-20
Facilities Electrical Storage  Mar-20
Forestry Field Lab Mar-20
Home Economic Office  Mar-20
Hydrology Storage Mar-20
IFAS Support Building Mar-20
IFAS Headhouse Mar-20
Plant Growth Building Mar-20
Teaching Support Mar-20
Bio-Tech Lab  Apr-20
Classroom Building May-20
Entomology Jul-20
Frasier-Rogers Jul-20
Hough Jul-20
Urban Entomology Jul-20
B508 Aug-20
Dauer Aug-20
Fifield Aug-20

Building NameCompletion
Rinker Hall Mar-19
Hub Mar-19
Keene-Flint Hall Apr-19
Gerson Hall May-19
Architecture Jun-19
Smathers Library Jun-19
Grinter Aug-19
Stuzin Sep-19
Griffin Floyd Sep-19
Phi Delta Gamma Sep-19
Neb Oct-19
EH&S Nov-19
Psychology Nov-19
Fine Arts B Nov-19
Fine Arts D Nov-19
Fine Arts C Nov-19
Florida Gym Dec-19
SPFA Lab Dec-19
Weimer Dec-19

Building NameCompletion
IHUB2 Feb-18
Building 803 (Florida Sea Grant) Apr-18
Nanotechnology May-18
Chemical Engineering May-18
Microbiology Sep-18
Human Resources Building Sep-18
Black Hall (0724) Oct-18
Infirmary Oct-18
Pugh Hall Oct-18

Building NameCompletion
Joseph Hernandez Hall Jul-17
Building 164 (IFAS Support Services) Jul-17
Building 162 (IFAS Information Technology) Jul-17
Fine Arts A Sep-17
McCarty D Sep-17
Matherly Hall Sep-17