Wall-Plate Services Overview

UFIT is responsible for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of the core network on the University of Florida campus.

Core network services include:

  • Core electronics that connect buildings to each other
  • Building Point of Presence (B-POP) electronics that link building to the core
  • Fiber optic cable, copper wire, conduits, and pathways between buildings
  • Wireless Access for outdoor spaces campus wide
  • Access to the Internet and Internet II

Standard Wall-Plate services include:

  • Life-cycle replacement of switches on a 5-8 year schedule. Only enterprise class switches deployed within the network
  • Switch maintenance including security updates, IOS updates, and special configurations
  • Upgrades and design changes to the network as needed
  • End-to-end monitoring and management of network performance, with early detection of problems and timely response
  • Seamless troubleshooting of network problems, end-to-end
  • Support for the existing cable infrastructure. Note -- does not include new installations.
  • Basic wireless services in all major areas of the wall-plate buildings
  • Availability of VoIP phone services