The University of Florida is committed to providing first-class wireless connectivity in every area of its many campuses spread across all 67 counties in Florida. The UF wireless network is powered by the latest Cisco equipment, and UFIT is committed to upgrading large portions of the network every year to maintain, grow, and modernize the network.

There are 2 ubiquitous WiFi networks for general use, and several other special purpose networks are available:

  • eduroam: Students, faculty, sponsored affiliates, and staff with a valid GatorLink ID should use the eduroam network when on campus because it’s fast and secured by encryption. eduroam is the standard for roaming between higher education and research institutions, and UF made this its standard wireless network in 2019. Every user device is now configured for use on campus or while roaming, and no changes are required. Every user is strongly advised to use the wireless on-boarding page to automatically configure your device to use eduroam.
  • ufguest provides basic wireless access to any visitor to UF. A simple click through portal with AUP is all that’s needed for access, but this network is expressly not for use by anyone with a Gatorlink ID. It’s unencrypted and rate limited to 10Mbps
  • ufgetonline: is a special network that’s only used to provide access to the on-boarding page that’s used to configure user devices to use eduroam. That page also has links to helpful documentation.
  • ufhealth: network only appears in locations that serve the UFHealth mission, and is intended for secure use by Health faculty, staff, affliates, and students.

These networks will be available in all locations other than in hospitals and clinics, and the football Stadium which uses a separate, guest oriented network.

You will find more information on Wireless Network Policy.