The purpose of this standard is to direct units on how they may appropriately recognize supporters on university and unit web space without overly commercializing the University and unit home pages.


This standard covers all web sites and web pages hosted by or on the behalf of the University of Florida and all of its constituent units.


  1. University and Unit Home pages
    1. Only a small portion of the area of any home page may be dedicated to a link or links directing web visitors to the secondary web page(s) recognizing corporate supporters.
  2. Secondary Pages
    1. A secondary web page recognizing university or unit supporters may include each supporter’s name, a static logo, a short factual description of the supporter’s relationship with the University, and a link to the supporter’s home page.
    2. Links to university or unit supports may only point to the supporter’s home page or a page developed specifically for its supporter relationship with the University or unit. Links to retail pages other than the supporter’s home page are not allowed.
    3. A statement must be included on the secondary web page that recognition of university or unit supporters does not imply endorsement of the entity, its products or its services.
  3. Links to Corporate Sites for University Activities
    1. Links to corporate sites necessary and useful for university work such as search engines, portal sites, publishers, booksellers and technical support for computing resources, may appear on any web page where appropriate, with logos and links to the resources involved.
    2. No promotional statements may be associated with such links.


Standard approved by the Office of the President on August 3, 1998, revised March 20, 2001.