Recognizing Corporate Supporters on the Web

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to direct units on how they may appropriately recognize supporters on university and unit web space without overly commercializing the University and unit home pages.

These guidelines do not address advertising on university web space, which is governed by the University’s Policy for Advertising on University & Unit Web Space. Recognition of corporate support differs from advertising in that it only acknowledges support to the University; it does not contain promotional or other information about a person or entity’s product, services or facilities.


This policy covers all web sites and web pages hosted by or on the behalf of the University of Florida and all o its constituent units.


The primary page of a website is its landing page; that is, the page that is displayed when a visitor first enters that sit. It represents the "index" file of the site.

Secondary pages are linked from the primary page and present content on a Web site. Secondary pages allow you to handle large sites without needing to physically create thousands of pages.

Unit: A part of the University of Florida that has administrative and financial duties to comply with the university’s information security policies.

Policy Specifics

The University and individual units may recognize significant supporters on their secondary web pages. Vendors that provide goods or services to the University or individual units do not qualify for recognition as university supporters solely by virtue of their contract.

Review and Adjudication

  1. The President or their designee will determine eligibility for designation as a university supporter, based on whether the supporter provides significant support to the university-wide mission.
  2. The head unit administrator or designee will determine eligibility for designation as a unit supporter, based on whether the supporter provides significant support to the unit.
  3. UF Foundation representatives will review all proposed university or unit supporters prior to inclusion on a web page. Units interested in recognizing unit supporters should work with their UF Foundation representatives.
  4. The President or designee, or in the case of unit pages, the head unit administrator or their designee will designate the period of time for which to recognize the university or unit supporter

Policy Violations

Failure to comply with this policy could result in disciplinary action for employees, up to and including termination. Volunteers may have their volunteer status terminated.


Revision DateDescription
October 23, 2012 Policy originally adopted
  Policy updated