In the Fall of 2013, a group of IT professionals from across UF put forth a recommendation to the VP and CIO to purchase a suite of endpoint management products referred to as IBM Endpoint Manager. This recommendation was the result of an extensive requirements analysis, vendor evaluation and proof of concept conducted by the group. UF has since purchased IBM Endpoint Manager, and UFIT implemented several components of the BigFix service that was available to all UF units to assist in managing their endpoints. This effort is referred to as UF Endpoint Management (UFEM).

In the Spring of 2016, an endpoint governance committee, consisting of IT professionals from across UF, was created to aid in moving forward a stalled IBM BigFix initiative. The committee’s charge was to create standards and policies for the current UF Endpoint Management (UFEM) initiative and make recommendations on service improvement opportunities and service direction. While BigFix was meant to replace several existing products used at UF, including McAfee Anti-Virus and PGP Whole Disk encryption, and provide a complete solution for the management of endpoints – it fell short in several areas and was unable to absolutely replace critical existing services/technologies because of these deficiencies.

Due to these deficiencies as well as the removal of TrendMicro antivirus capabilities from BigFix (with no replacement functionality), the UFEM Governance Committee made several recommendations on how best to move forward. A ‘best of breed’ solution set was recommended as follows:

  • November, 2016: Utilize TrendMicro as the antivirus platform for Windows/Mac
  • February, 2017: Utilize Microsoft SCCM to provide OS Patch Management, 3rd Party Patch Management, Encryption Management and OS Deployment capabilities to the Windows Platform
  • February, 2017: Utilize Jamf Pro to provide OS Patch Management, 3rd Party Patch Management, Encryption Management and OS Deployment capabilities to the Mac Platform

UFEM will now be the umbrella nomenclature containing several best of breed tool suites that are meant to aid the University of Florida community in managing our disparate endpoint systems. As new capabilities are identified and deployed, they will be added to the UFEM suite of tools.


Fall 2016
  • IBM announces retirement of Core Protection capabilities
  • UF finds Patch Management capabilities are not sufficient for UF needs
  • Several deficiencies identified with IBM homegrown Encryption Management
  • 9.3 upgrade attempted - each attempt uncovered serious issues in customer testing
  • IBM and TrendMicro offer a one-to-one license migration from BigFix Core Protection to TrendMicro OfficeScan
  • UFEM Governance committee reviewed BigFix Core Protection/TrendMicro OfficeScan and recommends moving forward with TrendMicro
  • UFIT senior leadership accepts UFEM Governance Committee recommendation to move forward with OfficeScan
Summer 2016
  • Staffed UFEM team with 3 dedicated members
  • Engaged consulting organization to complete Core Protection and Patch Management implementations
Spring 2016 Completed the 9.2 upgrade; Hired ICT UFEM Team Lead
Winter 2015-2016
  • BigFix service ownership transfers to ICT
  • Addressed serious performance and stability issues
  • Created a UFEM-focused SIAC governance subcommittee
Spring 2015 The following components are deployed: Patch Management, Security Compliance
Fall 2014 The following components are deployed: BigFix Agent, Core Protection, Encryption Management, Power Management
Spring 2014 BigFix Purchased and implementation work commences
Winter 2013-2014 Endpoint Management Selection Committee formed and makes formal recommendation to purchase IBM BigFix