The UF Quick Registration system, aka "QuickReg", is an automated online application that allows potential students to enroll in Canvas-based, non-college credit activities at any time, day or night, and immediately be granted access to their online materials. 

The QuickReg enrollment process steps students through:

  • registration, with name, phone number, date of birth, and email as the minimum information needed,
  • verification of their email address,
  • creation of their GatorLink ID,
  • payment of any fees via IPay, and
  • automatic enrollment in and access to a Canvas-based course or activity.

Once a student completes their activity:

  • QuickReg allows program administrators to create certificates of completion that students can print or download once the student has earned the minimum required points.

Please note, only non-college credit activities may use QuickReg for registration since college credit courses require admission to the University and enrollments must be tracked through the Registrar's Office.

At any time day or night, a prospective student may decide to register for an activity, pay with a credit card (if there is a fee), create their GatorLink ID, and access their online materials within 5 minutes.


  • Available for enrollment in non-college credit activities in UF's e-Learning system
  • Activities may be offered for free or require a fee
  • Activities may be rolling enrollment or cohort-based learning
    • Rolling enrollment — students have access to their course materials as soon as they register and pay
    • Cohort-based training — course materials are not released until the appropriate time and day
  • Anyone may sign up for an activity; the identities of prospective students do not need to be known in advanced
    • Sections may be hidden — their fees are not "Advertised" — so that the registration page is only available to individuals who receive a link via email or other communication route
  • Different fees may be charged for different types of students, even if they are participating in the same course
  • Only Canvas course sites may use QuickReg for enrollment (support for Sakai ended after May 9, 2016).
    • Course sites need to be created by a Canvas administrator and have the same tools as a college-credit course using Canvas.
  • QuickReg may be used to issue certificates of completion to students who meet or exceed the minimum required points for the activity.

Once someone is granted administrative access to a particular program area in QuickReg, they can create registrations for different activities within that program at any time.

Please see the QuickReg Setup page for a detailed explanation on gaining administrative access and setting up registrations in QuickReg.

Training videos for QuickReg program administrators can be found here.

The answers to frequently asked questions are available on the QuickReg FAQs page.

Student registration FAQs can be found here.

Background and technical information is available on the QuickReg Tech Details page.


The live QuickReg application for student registration and UF employee administration of sections and activities is available at: The "All Activities" page shows the courses and activities that are publicly available and currently accepting registrations.

Please refer to the QuickReg information pages listed in the left-hand navigation menu for more information.

If you need assistance or have any questions about QuickReg, please submit a help request here QuickReg help request.