The Domain Name System (DNS) is an Internet-wide distributed database of names translating Internet Protocol (IP) addresses into easily memorable names. Domain names are part of the identity of the university and communicate the university’s image and reputation to the public. Consistent domain usage may also be a tool for users to better locate services; thus, domains should be assigned in an easily recognizable and predictable structure. To ensure that domain names are assigned and used appropriately and in alignment with institutional goals, the university has established a policy for governing third level domain name registrations. Examples of third-level domains names would be in the form of unitname.ufl.edu.


This policy covers all academic and administrative units, university affiliates, and academic and administrative staff seeking to register a domain name.


  1. Requests for all third-level domain names must be made by a college or administrative division that serves the entire university community and the requested third-level domain name must be approved before use.
  2. All official university web sites shall use domain names within the ufl.edu namespace.
  3. Requested third-level domain names must meet the following requirements in order to be approved:
    1. The requested name should accurately describe the activity or program to which it refers and be easily recognized as word(s) or abbreviation(s).
    2. The requested name represents the unit or service used by the entire university community.
    3. The unit must expect to provide these services on an ongoing basis.
    4. Domain names shall not contain “uf” or “florida” in addition to ufl.edu.
    5. Domain names shall not contain the word “gator” without specific approval of the Vice President of University Relations or designee.
  4. All third level domains must be requested at https://net-services.ufl.edu/provided-services/domain/ and approved. All active third level domains shall be registered at www.ufl.edu/websites
  5. Officially recognized centers and institutes may request a fourth-level domain under one of the following third-level domains: center.ufl.edu or institute.ufl.edu.
  6. Officially recognized academic programs involving more than one college may request a fourth-level domain under: program.ufl.edu


  1. The Vice President and Chief Information Officer, or designee, approves requests for third-level domain names.
  2. All third level domains must be requested at https://net-services.ufl.edu/provided-services/domain/request-domain.html and approved.
  3. Third level domain registrants must register approved and active domains with www.ufl.edu/websites.