Physical IT resources include offices, hardware, IT documentation, and other tangible assets. To protect their confidentiality, integrity, and availability, physical IT resources must not be accessible without authorization.

It is the responsibility of all UF and subsidiary units to identify and document all UF IT resources to be protected.

The Level 2 Unit ISM is responsible for the protection of all IT infrastructure, equipment, and hardware located within their unit.  The Level 2 Unit ISM must document adequate physical security measures for the protection of physical and logical assets, and sensitive applications and data.

Level 2 Unit ISM must ensure identification, documentation, and implementation of auditable locks where necessary to secure IT resources in their unit. Where appropriate, campus locations must coordinate with Physical Plant Division (PPD), 392-1411. Where possible, IT resources should be aggregated to reduce the cost of physical security and environmental control.

UF Physical Security Procedures

Physical access to servers and network equipment should be limited to authorized individuals.  Network cables should be organized, labeled, and protected from interference.  Network documentation must be maintained to identify network jack location.  Reasonable methods should be used to physically secure ports.  These include but are not limited to locking offices and disabling inactive switch ports.  See the following documents for more information: